Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy


Our Company, which performs organization, coordination, management and control of the relevant activities in cooperation with its stakeholders in the field of clinical support services, commits:

To provide reliable and qualified service that is ethical, aware of social and social responsibilities,
To create a management team which integrated our mission and vision, willing to put their own contribution on the path to achieve goals, young, dynamic, free-minded, open-minded, aware of modern business relations, who believes in the power of sharing and team spirit.
To increase the service quality and ensure customer satisfaction through taking into account the requests and feedbacks of our customers,
To fulfill the legal regulations, to comply with the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety regulations in every service we provide,
Protecting natural resources in our daily operations, keeping our wastes under control, minimizing air, water and soil pollution with appropriate techniques,
To protect employees and people who will be affected by our activities from work-related injuries and diseases,
To ensure execution and traceability of corporate risk management, occupational safety and environmental risk management, to determine hazards and risk reduction and the opportunity approach with the participation of all employees and stakeholders,
To ensure the participation and awareness of all our stakeholders relevant to quality, environment, occupational health and safety.

CCN Service undertakes that this policy will be communicated and understood by to all stakeholders and reviewed for continuous improvement.


Our Human Sources Policy

The main purpose of CCN Group Human Resources Policy is through a Human Resources system focused on “Human” and “Continuous Improvement” and in line with the Company's goals and strategy;

Being one of the best samples in its sector in terms of human resources practices,
To be the most preferred Group to work together in both national and international arena.

In order to achieve this goal, Human Resources Policies that we have adopted with the awareness that it is an unchanging principle for the success of investment in human are as follows:

To ensure joining of individuals to CCN Group family, who are;

Highly educated, well trained,
Innovative, dynamic,
Open to change,
Has the potential to improve him/herself and business,
Prone to teamwork,

and who adopt and protect corporate values.

Providing employee satisfaction with proactive human resources practices, establishing an efficient, effective and motivated organization and developing loyalty to the Company,
Within the scope of the “continuous training and development” approach and in line with the Company's goals and objectives, to prioritize the development of our employees at all levels and to “invest in people” continuously,
To continue our contribution to the Company's objectives like "efficiency" and "profitability" by ensuring the continuous development of our employees,
To provide equal opportunities to our employees while they manage their careers,
To maximize the productivity of our employees with career planning, to train our manager candidates within our organization,
Following a transparent and open management policy for a reliable and effective interaction,
To protect our employees' material and moral rights,
Increasing individual performances and team performances with continuous improvement processes and systems, rewarding superior performances.